Weekly Seminars

For many years, CEFISES has hosted a weekly seminar series. Each year, our members organize a number of seminar topics, which bring together speakers from both our local community and across the world. The format encourages both long presentations and extensive discussion (one hour of talk and one hour of question-and-answer period).

If the speakers agree and there aren’t any technical glitches, we broadcast all of our talks online via YouTube Live! Links to YouTube will appear on the pages for each talk on our event calendar.

Seminar Topics and Talks, 2023–24

This list is updated regularly, but for the most up-to-date information, please check the calendar.

OLOFOS — Ontological Frameworks of Science (groupe de contact FNRS)

  • Tamaz Tokhadze, “The Problem of Context-Sensitivity for the Formal Theories of Belief-Credence Interaction,” https://youtu.be/mvyA7Dcc7uk.


  • Klaus Ruthenberg, “Chemistry, Catalysis, and Causality,” https://youtu.be/ji5NffK9AWo.
  • Guillermo Restrepo, “The Computational History of Chemistry and the Questions it Triggers on the Philosophy of Chemistry,” https://youtu.be/orzGVkfiX3M.
  • Francesca Bellazzi, “Exploring New Forms of Reductionism in Biochemistry,” https://youtu.be/JNvq_71brQQ.
  • Sarah Hijmans, “‘A curious exception among the alkalis’: metallic ammonium and the role of chemical analogy in the process of epistemic iteration (1807-1820),” https://youtu.be/PPt_l2UasJE.
  • Brigitte Van Tiggelen
  • Vanessa Seifert, “Chemical Reactions as Causal Relations”


Urban Metabolism

  • Nicola Bertoldi, “The concept of urban metabolism: A tool for understanding humanity’s agency over nature in times of global ecological changes?,” https://youtu.be/b24YKw_6Th4.
  • Nicola Bertoldi and Daniela Perrotti, “Agency and actors in urban social-ecological systems through the concept of urban metabolism: A conceptual framework and computational analysis of research literature,” https://youtu.be/9riFhIlQzxU.
  • Elisabetta Rosa and Nicola Bertoldi, “A conceptual analysis of agency in urban metabolism studies from the standpoint of industrial and social ecology: An exploration of methodological issues.”

Work-in-Progress Talks

  • Stijn Conix, “Grant writing and grant peer review as questionable research practices,” https://youtu.be/qx7P1n982iU.
  • Julien Tricard “Fixed points: on the ontological nature of measurement units,” https://youtu.be/NhDjGI2gDBQ.
  • Pierre Walckiers, “Science, narrative and argument in DSI negotiations: feedback from the last session of the FAO Governing Body,” abstract and event details.
  • Alexandre Guay & Pieter Thyssen


  • Michael Goldsby, “Model Aptness, Explanation, and Prediction: What is decision-relevant information and how do we get it from scientific models?”