Alexandre Guay

Professor, philosophy of natural science (physics) and analytic philosophy

UCLouvain · Publications @ UCLouvain DIAL

Charles Pence

Chargé de cours, Director of CEFISES, philosophy and history of biology, ethics of science

Research Group · Teaching/Personal

Peter Verdée

Professor, theory and methodology of philosophy, logic

UCLouvain · Publications @ UCLouvain DIAL

Emeritus Faculty

Bernard Feltz

Full Professor, Emeritus


Michel Ghins

Full Professor, Emeritus


Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Researchers

Max Bautista Perpinyà
Marco Casali
Kevin Chalas
Stijn Conix
João Daniel Dantas de Oliveira
Gwenaël Laurent
Dieu-Merci Manwana Sindani
Josué Mbeutcha
Stéphanie Ponsar
Wen Shichao
Pieter Thyssen

Associated Members

Nicola Bertoldi [post-doctoral fellow, UCLouvain, philosophy of biology]
Valeria Chasova [post-doctoral fellow, Salzburg, philosophy of physics]
Andrea Gambarotto [post-doctoral fellow, Universidad del País Vasco, philosophy of biology and German idealism]
Maxence Gaillard [post-doctoral fellow, University of Oslo, philosophy of medicine and bioethics]
Quentin Ruyant [post-doctoral fellow, Complutense Madrid, philosophy of physics]
Pierre Saint-Germier [researcher, CNRS/IRCAM, logic / philosophy of science/music]
Pilar Terres [professor, Universidad de Salamanca, logic]