Post-Darwinian Societies Seminar

Thomas Malthus, Charles Darwin, and Karl Marx

In collaboration between CEFISES (Charles Pence) and the Chaire Hoover d’éthique économique et sociale (Gregory Ponthière), we are proud to announce a new series of talks that will take place over the spring of 2022 (and potentially launch a collaboration that continues even further into the future!) on the theme of Post-Darwinian Societies.

The goal of the Post-Darwinian Societies Seminar is to bring together researchers from various disciplines – including, but not limited to, philosophy, social sciences, economics, history and biology – who all work on evolutionary dynamics and selection effects. Dialogues between different scientific disciplines can contribute to the identification of new epistemological challenges for evolutionary theories, as well as to the emergence of new normative perspectives for the ethical foundation of the Welfare State.

Each seminar is online (via Teams) and is scheduled on Thursday 12.45–13.45.

The program for 2022:

Attendance is free but registration is mandatory at